If you like your Americana Vintage, Fifties Country with a beat, a Honky Tonk song with a teardrop, Hot Rockabilly to stomp your feet

In that case...

The Barnstompers might well be the band for you!!

The authentic music of the Barnstompers is based on the late 40s , 50’s traditional American Country-Boogie, Western-Swing, Honky Tonk and Rockabilly. Due to their vast repertoire the Barnstompers is a very versatile band with a original choice of songs. A combination of fine musicianship, danceable rhythm and strong vocals make them quite an exciting band. The band enjoys popularity both at home in the Netherlands and abroad. Shows in Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Wales, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Denmark and a couple of successful Californian tours are witness to the fact that they are a much requested band in many parts of the world. Alongside the regular Barnstompers shows they did multiple successful tours and one offs with rockabilly legends of the 50s, including Sid King & Brother Billy, Sonny Fisher, Joe Clay, Lew Williams and Rudy Grayzell. The Barnstompers also back up contemporary singers in the Rockabilly/Country field, such as Charlie Thompson, Ronnie Hayward and Junior Marvel.

The Barnstompers

have a long history on the Dutch Rockabilly scene.They started at the end of 1991, but even before that, members were active in other popular bands, like the Chessnuts and Co & The Cattle Show. Band members who joined later were part of bands like The Stacycats and Granny’s roosters. 

Annita and the Starbombers

The Barnstompers also have a joined venture with singer Annita. Her powerfull voice and personality combined with the musical skills and voices of the Barnstompers have led to a class act. As Annita and the Starbombers they tour the scene and have released a C.D. “IT’D SURPRISE YOU” on Barn Records .







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CD Move On In

7″ Charlie Thompson & The Barnstompers

CD Western Rhythm

CD Swinging Western Style


45 RPM Charlie Thompson & The Barnstompers

CD Western Rhythm

CD Swinging Western Style

You Can’t Stop The Christmas Bop Vol.2

EP The Barnstompers

7″ Gonna Roll & Rock

7″ Waiting at the station

You Can't Stop The Christmas Bop Vol.2

EP The Barnstompers

7" Gonna Roll & Rock

7" Waiting at the station

7 ” Swingbilly

7 " Barnstompers



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